About me

Hi, I am Stefania! I live and work in Italy, but I am deeply in love with the USA. A lot of amazing things happen in my kitchen (sometimes they are also tragically funny!) which I like sharing with my guests and with you who have just get into my world, into my kitchenette.

I am not a chef, but I am really fond of Italian traditions I have been passed down by my grandparents, genuine native of Ferrara. They taught me every secret of the real Italian cooking, not only that from Emilia Romagna.

I studied chemistry and pharmaceutical technologies, and then I took the degree in Pharmaceutical studies. A few years later I got interested in nutrition and I graduated for the second time in “Scienze degli Alimenti e della Nutrizione” (paired with two International masters) and now I work in my private office near Turin, where I see about 2000 patients per year. You are wondering if I really know Italian people’s lifestyle and food habits, aren’t you? Yes, definitely, yes! I get into their kitchens every single day!

I like helping people to find their physical balance, to stay healthy and prevent metabolic diseases by eating moderate servings of good food. I love teaching people to take care of themselves. I am good at listening, I am quite sensitive and I can motivate my patients to hit their targets very well. Sometimes I scold them a little bit, but I do that only for their sake!

In the past, I used to work as a journalist in a local paper: such a great experience; a huge responsibility for a quite young woman. I worked hard in the forefront to give the latest local news about my town for 5 unforgettable years.

I have a motto: you never learn enough, that’s why I decided to take a course and I have become a food writer and critic. Yes, I am a professional and impartial food critic. I am the same as Anton Egò in Ratatouille. It was a dream which has just come true.

I also played tennis as a semi-professional player for over 30 years; then I had to give it up because of a very serious back accident. All in a sudden I had to stop, it was a chance to think about what I really like to do.

What have I always loved? Being on a stage to talk about what I am interested in. Speak about it, explain it, look deeply into it!

I have held plenty of conferences and classes for over 150 people at a time, and I have also taught  Sport Nutrition at University of Turin.

I am definitely keen on communicating with people; I like reading their thirst for knowledge in their eyes. I like making them passionate, curious, and fond of something new.

I communicate, I speak a lot. And then…cooking, in my case, Italian cooking.

Yes, the kitchen is the place where everyone may take their time, relax and accept a few challenges. It is the place where you may carry out tasty experiments, where you can cook delicious dishes, or complete disasters too!

All the recipes which went wrong have helped me to prepare those dishes which really made my guests surprised. They usually ask me for a second and third serving!

The time has come, I would like to share every secret of mine with you, so welcome in my kitchenette.


Well, I want to welcome you here, in my kitchen,
where I enjoy trying new recipes and experimenting new tastes.

Do you like easy and fast recipes
with a few ingredients,
yet a lot of taste?

Here, you can find what
you are looking for.

Do you like traditional recipes
with their rustic and old tastes?

You are in the right place.

Do you want to keep fit and healthy
without giving up flavorful
and satisfying food?
Here I am, for you.

Italian style is not difficult. You just have to choose the right ingredients (I will help you with that!),
combine them with a little imagination and it’s a done deal!

I am here to bring this dream into your house.


I do love working with other people, most of all it is my great honor to share my thoughts and ideas with those who have the same passions and ideals as me.

Eating Italian food and promote traditional Italian recipes all over the world.

So I am really pleased to work with:

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