About me

Hello, my name is Stefania!

I am very keen on writing and absolutely fond of my job- I have been working as a nutritionist MS., RN., for about 10 years, before that I used to be a pharmacist, and of course I love cooking.

I live here, in Italy, in a very quiet small town in the countryside, where I can still be in contact with nature and enjoy those little things which make life serene and joyful. My husband is adorable-and very very patient as he can always put up with my too lively temper. We live with two dogs which make me life ever fuller and which I am madly in love with.

I have recently taken up photography, and I still I have to learn a lot about this art. Anyway, I always feel enthusiastic when I hear the click of my camera. I can’t do without my Nikon- anyone who touches it, will be in trouble!

My grandparents from Ferrara, Lea and Vasco passed down to me the passion for cooking, for those familiar and flavorful dishes which make you feel in a good mood.

I took up cooking when a was a child: I used to mix little flour and an egg-making tagliatelle was my favorite pastime, then it has turned into an overwhelming passion.

Time flew and I became adult. I have studied very hard and I have done several interesting jobs (I worked as a journalist, as a scientific researcher, now I run my own studio as a nutritionist). I have always been very busy with my job, but now I do want to take my time and devote myself to those little things I like doing and I would like to share with what I have learn so far in my life.

Thanks to my job, I have always travelled a lot, most of all to the United States, to foster a healthy lifestyle, especially for the women who suffer from the polycystic ovary syndrome.

Of course, I really like flying to the US because every time I go there I feel like home and I understand that my country is highly appreciated and it is considered as a kind of dream destination.


Well, I want to welcome you here, in my kitchen,
where I enjoy trying new recipes and experimenting new tastes.

Do you like easy and fast recipes
with a few ingredients,
yet a lot of taste?

Here, you can find what
you are looking for.

Do you like traditional recipes
with their rustic and old tastes?

You are in the right place.

Do you want to keep fit and healthy
without giving up flavorful
and satisfying food?
Here I am, for you.

Italian style is not difficult. You just have to choose the right ingredients (I will help you with that!),
combine them with a little imagination and it’s a done deal!

I am here to bring this dream into your house.


I do love working with other people, most of all it is my great honor to share my thoughts and ideas with those who have the same passions and ideals as me.

Eating Italian food and promote traditional Italian recipes all over the world.

So I am really pleased to work with:

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