Grilled vegetables with lemon and parsley flavoring

Grilled vegetables with lemon and parsley flavoring

When my patients told me they are fed up with vegetables, I think they have never tasted these ones! Grilling is the easiest way to make them more flavorful and tempting. A cast iron or nonstick grill pan is all that you need to boost your vegetables.  Be very careful with the cooking because charred vegetables may get bitter and unhealthy.  This is a toothsome and healthy side- keep in mind: you can’t do without veggies in your meals.
Here is how I cook them
Servings 2 Servings


  • 400 gr Seasonal vegetables
  • Extra virgin olive oil

  • Half a clove  Garlic
  • 1 Organic lemon
  • Salt and pepper 


  • Wash the vegetables carefully: opt for seasonal ones, zucchini, bell peppers, eggplants, small onions, and tomatoes, in the summer. Cut them into quite thin slices, and preheat the grill pan over high medium heat; when it is hot, place the vegetables, so they won’t stick to the pan. Grill until they are tender but not charred.  
  • Make the vinaigrette: in a jar put 4 or 5 tbsp. of extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, the finely chopped parsley, salt and pepper. Close with the lid and shake to emulsify the ingredients; someone adds little sparkling water. Have a try, and decide what you like best. Transfer the vegetables on a serving platter and season with the oil emulsion.  

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