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Thank you for your interest. I am greatly honored. I work and study hard to take beautiful pictures and make recipes that are easy to replicate. It takes a lot of dedication and commitment: I love investing my time and my energy on this.

All my images are my original creation and protected by copyright.


Using my photo to promote my recipe or my blog in general:

Wow, I am really glad you like my photos! Do you want to share them? I am thankful, BUT please, before doing that, send me an email at Do you like one of my images? Well, you can share one, but please remember to quote my link. Mutual respect will let us work together successfully.

Using my photo to promote something else:

My photos are not available for commercial use without a detailed agreement between you and me. I am very strict about that; you will be allowed to use my photos only after agreeing to copyright and (economic) usage terms.


You may not republish my recipe(s).

Although my recipes belong to the most genuine Italian tradition, they have been originally formulated by me, and they cannot be published or copied on other websites without my consent. They have been customized step by step, and the method is protected by copyright. must be the only place where all my traditional or customized recipes can be found.

We may work together if you like what I do. Please send me an email at; I will be happy with our collaboration!

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