Thyme scented pumpkin pureed soup with leek

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Do you fancy a creamy soft embracing puréed soup? Nothing says autumn like pumpkin!

Thyme scented pumpkin soup is easy and fast to prepare.  Just a few ingredients and it is a done deal. It is low calorie but its glycemic index is quite high as both the pumpkin and the potatoes are rich in starch (on the other hands they are also a good source of minerals and vitamins) and they don’t contain many fibers, as well. So, this is my trick: add some leek to provide the fibers you need. Isn’t it enough? Bran, you should add some oat bran and your pureed soup will be healthier, low calorie, and low glycemic.

Keep in mind: pumpkin and potatoes are very rich in starch which turns into glucose after the digestive processes and it may affect your glycemia. Pumpkin is not a side vegetable in your meal, but it provides you with a significant share of carbs, so combine it with a serving of meat or fish and a nice crispy salad.

I have learnt to make this soup recently, because I wanted to appreciate its sweet and soft taste in other dishes as I had always used it only to prepare cappellacci. I was a little afraid of its sweetness, I had never thought it could fit a soup. Well, I was really surprised by the result! Have a try!

You need:

  • pumpkin: you should opt for a winter squash. Its flesh is creamy, compact, and fibrous (sugary) which gets really tender when cooked. I always opt for violina squash: it looks like a big pear and its consistent, thick flesh is very rich in carotene. It must be orange: greenish color means that it is not ripe enough. Store it in the dark at room temperature: at low temperatures it will go bad easily, but at higher  temperatures the starch of the flesh will change its composition. If you buy a whole squash, cut it into pieces and put those you don’t use into the freezer. Always, choose whole pumpkins with a piece of stem which shows its freshness and prevents the loss of water. If the pumpkin show dark spots, or soft parts do not buy it.
  • potatoes: any potatoes fit the recipe. The best ones: those rich in selenium (read the packaging directions)
  • leek: its taste perfectly combines with the pumpkin. You should use it instead of the onion because it is softer and more delicate. It enhances but it does not affect the pumpkin taste. At the vegetables counter, opt for straight consistent and untouched leeks. It is very rich in potassium, magnesium, and vitamins. It also contains a lot of fibers: pumpkin and leek is the perfect couple to regulate slow guts.
  • thyme: buy a small plant of thyme and grow it in your kitchen or in your kitchen garden, if you have one. Fresh leaves are more flavorful than dried and chopped ones. You will use it a lot: aromatic herbs play a very import role in Italian cooking.
  • oat-bran: it is the outer layer of the oat grot; it contains a soluble fiber which turns into a soft gel in the guts and controls the glycemia. It is not laxative at all, it just regulates the intestinal transit. You can buy it at the supermarket in the breakfast cereal aisle (it is often used to make low calorie pancakes) or directly at the mills where the flour is produced.

Thyme scented pumpkin pureed soup with leek

Pumpkin, it is so good! It tastes autumnal, warm, and familiar. Yet, pumpkin is tricky, as it has got a quite high glycemic index, so it is not suitable for those who suffer from glycemic disorders, or insulin resistance.
You should treat it in the same way as carbs, and combine it with proteins, and plenty of vegetables. This is my own pumpkin pureed soup.
Course Soup
Cuisine Mediterranean
Keyword pumpking soup with thyme and leek
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 25 minutes
Servings 4 people


  • 200 gr

    medium leeks

  • 400 gr

    violina squash flesh

  • 100 gr

    yellow potatoes 

  • 4-5

    sprigs of thyme

  • 20 gr butter
  • coarse salt

  • ground pepper 

  • powdered oat bran

  • toasted diced bread 

  • extra virgin olive oil:

    a small teaspoon to garnish the dish


  • Rinse the leek under water to remove dirt and sand. Cut off the roots and the dark green tops and reserve on the body of the leek as much of the dark green you want.  Discard the external leaves; cut straight through up to and through the leek. Fan open and place under cold running water. Then slice it into coarse rings. 
  • Cut the skin off the squash and cut it into coarse chunks and rinse them. 
  • Peel, rinse, and cut the potatoes into dices. 
  • In a stock pot, heat the butter and brown the leek with the thyme. 
  • Add the squash and the potatoes, then cover with water.
  • Season with salt and pepper. Cover with a lid and cook for about 20 minutes. 
  • Remove the thyme; if you want more fibers, add some oat bran and blend with a hand mixer. 
  • If it is too liquid, you may boil it for a few minutes more. On the other hand, if it is too thick, add some hot water.
  • Garnish your soup with a little extra virgin olive oil, some fresh thyme leaves, and some toasted bread. The true recipe would add some crushed amaretti biscuits but I’d rather not add more sugar. 


If some pureed soup has been left, keep it in the fridge for no ore than 2 days, or put it into one serving containers and store in the freezer.

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