Italian crispy amaretti biscuits

Amaretti—Crispy and Delicious Almond Cookies

If you try Amaretti, or bitter almond cookies, one time, you’ll never want any other versions. Easy to make, these delightful treats from Piedmont are…

Soft creamy mashed potatoes with nutmeg

Soft creamy mashed potatoes with nutmeg

Smashed potatoes are delicious recipe indeed! They pamper the stomach and the heart, as well. Here they are, all my tricks to make the best…


Easy Homemade Vegetable Soup

Does a recipe for the best vegetable soup really exist? No, it doesn’t exist, because vegetable soup is always different. There are no fixed rules,…


What Exactly Do Italians Eat?

Are you wondering what Italians eat? If so, you’ll find out some interesting facts here. Italy is famous for pizza, spaghetti, and tiramisu, but there’s…

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Hi, I’m Stefania.

Welcome to my kitchenette, a place where you can enjoy authentic Italian recipes where a few simple ingredients go into making unbelievably flavorful and scrumptious dishes. Showing my food traditions and culture to you, wherever you are in the world, makes me really happy and proud. My motto is to “Make Italian cooking easier for you.” Now it’s your turn to learn how to make these recipes while also learning about Italian food and culture.

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