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Discover our Try-Now Recipes! A handpicked selection of delicious dishes ready for you to make today whether a novice or a seasoned chef, these easy-to-follow recipes are perfect for every kitchen!

cheesy macn cheese

Cheesy Mac’n Cheese

Mac’n Cheese is one of the most beloved comfort foods worldwide, enjoyed by people of…

pasta arrabbiata

Pasta Arrabbiata

Pasta all’arrabbiata is one of the most typical Italian offerings, notably from Rome. It is…

granita caffe

Granita Homemade

Granita is definitely the most refreshing, delicate thirst-quenching treat you may ever taste. One word:…

stuffed pepper

Stuffed Peppers

Bell peppers stuffed with mozzarella, capers, and olives are really delicious: tender, flavorful, loaded with…


Here is a variety of delicious dishes and culinary inspirations. Check out all the recipes!

puttanesca sauce pasta

Italian Classics

Explore our Traditional Italian Recipes for authentic dishes that bring the flavors of Italy to your kitchen

spring salad


Try our collection of delicious and easy vegetarian recipes, perfect for every meal and occasion!

paradise cake

Sweet Treats

Indulge in our Sweet Treats, featuring a delightful collection of easy-to-make desserts perfect for any occasion

stefania alex cover 2

Our Culinary Love Story

It has all come about because of a passion for food, and writing. Alex and I are very excited to invite you into our world of love and tasty dishes.

Stefania is a professional photographer, and Alex is a food writer and critic with experience working in a 2 Michelin-starred restaurant.

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Simply the best

Simply the two most loved and shared recipes. That’s what you like the most!

amaretti cookies

If you try Amaretti, or bitter almond cookies, one time, you’ll never want any other versions. Easy to make, these delightful treats from Piedmont are common and loved all over Italy.

bolognese sauce

bolognese sauce

Experience true Italian flavors with an authentic Bolognese sauce. This step-by-step recipe will help you personalize your own version of this traditional dish.

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