What is (and isn’t) Italian food like?

I know, you think that cooking a scrumptious pasta dish or some ragù sauce is difficult, don’t you? Making good tagliatelle is long and strenuous. Definitely not! I can do it myself, I am not a chef, you can do it yourself! That’s sure!

Italy is often different from what you think: it is not always lunches in the countryside in the shadow of the grapevines; our grannies don’t start frying heaps of food at 7 in the morning; no more everlasting lunches and dinners you feel super stuffed.
This may happen on holiday, on special occasions, most of all in Southern Italy. Our everyday routine is pretty different- it is made of lighter, faster and, let me say, smarter meals.

Nowadays, grannies are not the only responsible for the Italian cooking; young women and men have been turning traditional recipes into feasible faster dishes which suit their working life.
Italian cooking is not so laborious, expensive or too rich in fat or calories. Why?

First of all, every recipe usually wants few simple ingredients; fats are allowed, but only extra virgin olive oil or, occasionally, high quality butter.
Too many carbs? Moderate the serving and don’t load the dishes with plenty of cheese, cream, or sauces.

Italian food means friendliness, family, calm, slowness and mild but delicious tastes rich in aromatic herbs, and, occasionally spices. Weekdays’ cooking takes little time: a few simple ingredients are put together to make toothsome satisfying meals. More elaborated dishes are prepared at the weekend or on special occasions.

Allow yourself enough time to plan your pantry: you will experience what being overwhelmed by happiness and smiles is like.