What I Do

I like spending my time on carrying out new experiments in my kitchen. I read old traditional cookery books, I listen to my relatives and my mother’s advice. My mum who is the most precise and reliable “living” record of any family’s recipes, unfortunately, is used to cutting down on ingredients, so I will rely on her very precious and skilled hands to make some difficult pasta shapes.

What are we going to do together? What will you find in my blog? If you think Italian dishes are difficult to cook, I will try to make them easy.

Yes, exactly that dish you have seen on a magazine or in a blog about Italian food, or you have tasted in your holiday in Italy.

Would you like the recreate the same feeling you experienced when you were on holiday here in Italy? I can’t take you in front of the Colosseum or in the narrow sunny streets of the Amalfi coast, but I can help you with taking some Italian atmosphere into your house. The same one you have packed into your suitcase when you flew back home.
So, a little Italian scent is knocking at your door… open it!

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